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#220236 - With salary and tips, an aggressive dancer could clear three or four hundred dollars in one night! Standing backstage, ready to make his entrance, Rolando waited patiently for the MC to make his introduction. Rolando yelled good by to several friends and headed off to his car, but waiting there was fiftyish lady who seemed to be very embarrassed indeed! Stammering at first, she finally explained that she was too shy to do anything in the club, especially in front of all of the others, but she had a hundred dollars and wondered if she could suck him off in the parking lot? Calmly he unzipped his pants and let his penis hang between them, and after handing him the cash, she got down on her knees in front of him, opened her mouth, and took him in. Seven nights a week the place was jumping to the beat of driving dance music and young naked male flesh on display for the mostly 30ish female audience.

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Should have just kept it in her pussy that poop lost me
Takuya gotou
It s called a lovense lush 2 i love to use it on my girl it s amazing