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#251388 - I could feel myself reaching climax. “Droxyl that’s a name you don’t hear often” I spoke softly “How would you like to use my shower, I’m not saying you smell or anything, I could wash your uhm, clothe and you could rest in the guest bedroom for tonight” she turned from the window and gave me the most sincere look I’ve ever seen in my life “I would like that Lyle very much, all I can do is thank you for your kindness” I nodded “It’s no trouble I live alone so the place is always quiet might be nice to have someone else in here for a change” Droxyl cautiously approached me again “ Can you stand up a minute Lyle” I did as I was told it was at that moment I realised how hard my dick was, I frantically hid it in my waist line of my boxers, She didn’t seem to notice though “I take it you know where everything is?” she nodded “Yes may I use the shower utility now?” I quickly answered with “Well of course don’t ask me please leave your clothe outside the bathroom and ill wash it” I didn’t

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