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#87078 - He is chosen to carry it, his male body made unsteady in movement, to its hanging weight and size, that to his have grown one that sheer size is burden, is wonder and awe, provokes thought, whether he is deserving of it, or masterful with it, to handle it, employ, and sport its unbelievable huge size to fuck with stud perfection in its performance to please; as it large and humongous to the glance, scary and frightening to its possible torturous pain too. I get more turned on by sweet, round ass, spread, to reveal a luscious, tight, and pinkish hole. For not doing it so, would prevent or get in the way of their aspiration and goals, their wants and the steps to follow their dreams by it and with it, and that their wish is for that of stardom; a fame, and glory.

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