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#316455 - This time I got time off work, Joy and I got ready to arrive around lunch time, we had also sent out sms to our guys to let them know about todays fun and extra kink, lots of replies told us we would be kept busy today. The action started again, we both got dp'd and fucked in every way possible, I took a good fisting as guys used my mouth to empty thier balls, then it was time to take another dog and have fun, this time I asked who wanted to try dp me with a dog, a strange look came on most of thier faces, but one guy said ok lets try. We both took a few more guys, then with time getting on, most guys had to leave, so a quick piss session and wash off, Joy and I said our good byes, asking Steve if we could meet him for more fun soon, and his dog, he was more than happy to say yes.

Read Deflowered 米連クレシア ー淫辱のブレインコネクトー Amazing 米連クレシア ー淫辱のブレインコネクトー

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Eijun sawamura
Hi have you already jerked off with a pencil in your ass