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#235694 - Woke up scared and in pain I wish none of this had happend About 10min has gone by since I woke up and my dad walkes in I quickly shut my eyes and pretend I'm asleep he dose the same as he must of done last night I feel my legs parted and a dick go into my pussy fuck yea I'm having. MMMM IS CUMMING as soon after that I feel tingly and start to fuck faster I start to moan and as soon as he cums so do I few min after that Looks like my sex toy enjoyed that he pushes me off and I hit the floor after that the pain goes away agein Katie Katie wake up please I open my eyes and I'm in a white room Katie I'm sorry I hit you so hard you passed out I got you hear as soon as I seen you on your floor I'm so sorry wear am I your in hospital you have a broken wrist and fracture to your head I'm so sorry and why the heck did you do that to your hair I found hair all in the bathroom why would you cut your hair so short you cut my hair I I begged you not

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