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#122276 - I followed her down stairs watching how carefully she walked , i could not resist giving her bottom a playful slap . Debbie was now taking no real notice of my probing fingers instead she was fully focused on pleasuring my cock , Just like any loving Daughter should do for their daddy, She had my cock wedged way down her throat & was struggling to breath through just her nose , but bless her my little darling just kept me firmly inside sucking as hard as her tiny mouth would allow, finally i had to give in as my balls tightend & that familliar tingling started , my knob end twitched as i ejected load after load of hot cum, it shot straight down her throat filling her belly, coughing & splutting she pulled me free milking the last drops from my still erupting cock with her hands. This any better she mumbled leaning forward engulfing half my length down her throat, I could only groan back aarh! yes sweetie thats wonderful, She tried to giggle with a mouth full of cock , This

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