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#81417 - I knew I could call you whenever I needed to you were my comfort pillow twelve hundred miles away, I knew I loved you but always like family or at least I thought but when you said that a light flickered on the feelings towards you instantly made sense your smarts always I guess what you could say turned me on and that combined with your funny witty and sassy attitude had made it easy to love you it She cut me off I've wanted to say this for years James I love you I've loved you for so long you are the only guy I've ever wanted to be with I'm kinda flattered by that I guess I looked over to her and she looked at me theirs one other reason I'm down mom knew I loved you she told me if I really loved you I would do all I could to make your recovery the most comfortable one I'm not completely comfortable yet really Before she could finish I kissed her for only a few seconds before pulling back I a

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