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#121596 - after awhile and with his warning to do not shout ,, he started pushing his sexy shaft inside me here ,, i decided to take it as much as i can ,, so i push against his dick like someone was telling me that before but he could not insert his penis into my anus but this time yes i remember i have to push like i am poping ,, so yes i feel it ,, oh its painful ,, but luscious pain ,, ah baby yes baby ah baby please fuck me and he was trying shut my mouth then i felt it all slopped inside my assoh how nice feeling was ,, then my man kept shoving his dick and kept pumping my chunky ass and he kept pumping as strong as he could . I came out and stepped some treads then a black guy was sitting on the porch of the nearest florist store ,, it was so cold what he is doing there ( i said to myself) oh my God he is trying to talk to me ,, let me walk quickly he looked like a bum and maybe he will ask some bucks but the man stopped me and told me - buddy may i have one cigarette ? - ok - yo

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Iruka umino
The idea was great the execution is horrible
This chick is fugly
Minori nakazawa
This some bullshit not impressed she didnt take it balls deep
Doremi harukaze
And that how to use a pool table