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#263264 - Jerry could see that Stacey was struggling with the rule's he had just laid down for her visit to his farm, she deeply wanted to be there for her lovely girlfriend's last day's of life but she was beginning to feel worried that she might not survive her stay on the farm, If you don’t like these rules then I will buy you a bus ticket back to New York Jerry said to her trying not to sound as if he didn’t care if she stayed or left, but he deeply wanted her to refuse his offer and accept his rule's. Jerry takes a thin bladed knife and hands it to Stacey, Don’t try any thing stupid one wrong move and you will be on the menu with her understand? he said as she takes the knife from his hand, she just glares at him, I can’t do this I will cook her for you but you have to gut her she said handing him back the knife and turns to walk away with tears in her eyes. She would never agree to me becoming meat she said, Jerry then shows her the letter, Is this her

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Mmm great hentai guys
Seto miyako
Wishing i was under you so you could drip all that grool into my open mouth