#3214 - Meanwhile, I was pressed against the side of the pool, hanging on with both hands! We were at the deep-end, remember, and I think this is what you might call “being deep-ended”! But I was now feeling a bit cold and what with that and a mixture of nerves, I was shivering in the water and my own cock had done its disappearing act again! But he didn’t take long, bless him! All that confident talk and his controlled action under the water just now would have suggested a guy who might have bashed away at me all-night until he was good and ready but Grant, well he was obviously already very randy and desperate because in just a few thrusts, I heard him cumming. He had the loveliest white teeth and I now saw for the first time that his eyes were pale blue. With a loud “SPLASH!” he dived into the water and started powering back down the far side of the pool.

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