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#190741 - It was sweet . What do I do from here ? My step daughter lay sleeping next to me nakid with a cheeky smile on her face , sobering up and looking at her my guilt continued to grow , This had gone way too far already . I got about an hour done before Ava came in holding two cocoas “ Daddy can we talk ? “ “ Of course baby girl , what's up “ I turned my chair to face the bed and patted for her to sit down “ what;s gonna happen to me “ she looked so sad “ Baby , what brought this around “ I said concerned “ My dad messaged me , he said he won’t have me back and that if I try to … “ she began crying , I pulled her into a tight hug as she sobbed on my shoulder “ Oh Ava , darling I’m so sorry “ “ Where am I gonna live ? am I gonna have to buy a home or worse - “ I cut her off .

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