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#402747 - I know it’s not over yet. Once his hand was licked clean, he pulls himself up and then I see how hard his cock was, I still couldn’t believe the size of that thing, he pulls me towards him and with no warning buries his cock with one hard and very fast thrust deep inside my pussy, I scream again and he slaps me again to shut up, his cock was ripping me to shreds, it wasn’t as big as his fist but then again his fist wasn’t 12 inches long, he is fucking me hard and fast now, grunting and ripping into me, he is muttering under his breath “you fucking whore, you like to be raped don’t you, you like to have a huge cock in your pussy don’t you, you’re a whore aren’t you, you fuck all the soldiers like this don’t you, you’re a fucking slut who loves cock in all her holes” and on and on it went. I have no idea what he is up to now but I am scared.

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