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#408096 - Some time later, I met Brian a gay guy who loved organizing group fucks for me, soon we had a lot of guys who took turns fucking me in my own male orgy, we did this for a year or so, Sue would be out meeting guys for fun too, then once home we would share the tales and cum between us both, a few times I got home while she was still being fucked by a guy or guys too, and would join in, I never saw a guy go home with any cum left in his balls. Sue was invited out one night by a lady we knew, she wanted another lady to put on a lesbian show for her lover, turned out she was charging him to have sex with her and he was willing to pay to watch them together, if Sue wanted to help her put on the show, she would give her some money too, Sue said she was more than happy to join her, once at the motel the girls stripped and put on the show for him, then he wanted to fuck Sue, she let him know it was ok and they all had fun for hours, he paid more than agreed and was happy to meet them a

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Natsuki aki
Such a hot hentai you guys
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