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#410114 - When we arrived he said lets get in the back of the camper, he then offered me a scotch and coke to help calm the nerve's, all the curtains were drawn closed so no one could see in and the bed was already laid out, we sat on the edge of the bed for a few mins talking and having a drink, my drink was nice but strong and soon went my head. I started hitchhiking and after about 5 min a VW camper pulled over, when I got to open the door I was surprised as it was the same man, he then apologized for been late due to his work. The street light shone into the car which allowed me a very good view of his cock.

Read Chica [Kanten] Haizan Senki ~miserable valkyrie~ Ch.5, 7 [English] [biribiri] Gag Haizan SenkiCh.5, 7

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