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#354468 - Molly gasped and falls to the floor crying, Jessica wasn’t counting on there being another tracking device, why did I let her get me into this mess? she finally spoke, Ok cunt, you can either tell me everything you know now or die right now. Looking to Jerry, Boss, come on how closely did you examine that girl last night? I saw her she was a bloody mess how can you be sure it was Jessica? Bob asked while he forced the nurse to strip naked, looking at the nurses naked body SOMEONE PLEASE EXPLAINE THIS TO ME!! he yelled looking at the nurses hairy cunt with no tag or meat grade stamp, This bitch hasn’t been registered as a meat-girl, its standard procedure to register all female workers as meat Jerry said looking at the nurses face, EXPLAIN YOURSELF!! he yelled. Ill deal with you in the morning, good night Jerry said as he and Sara left the room, walking down the hall to the living quarters Why did you take me? Sara asked, Jerry turns to Sara You will be dying tom

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