#306074 - We were still hurting each other with our respective grips when she pulled back from our embrace so I was able to grab her arm and I struggled to get her hand from my pussy, I let go off hers and jumped on top of her grabbing hold of her throat I squeezed and pushed down on her trying to choke her into submission her arms flailing around catching me with a few slaps as she struggled and panicked as I tightened my grip scream at her to submit asking her to give eventually she banged down hard on the floor then waved her hands “I give” she choked and coughed. We both pulled together at the same time a loud slap once more as our whole bodies collided but instead of pushing back I lowered my hands and grabbed her arse then started grinding my hips back and forth into her as I yanked on her arse in time with my grinding, I knew I was close and by the look of pleasure on her face she wasn’t far off herself, we kissed hard again our hips still grinding together simulating fucking then

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Uryuu ishida
How she rides makes me horny
She may be a bit plain looking but she has one helluva of a body on her especially those boobs and one thing or should that be two things that are pretty much guaranteed to turn me on is a woman with prominent erect nipples