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#235286 - Dad blushed like a tomato, but said nothing in reply, he just hid his gaze in his coffee mug. As her feet kicked helplessly in the air, Karim would take his chance, being very fast to lunge the prod up between her legs onto her soft vulva; or insinuate it evilly between her bum cheeks, to seek out her asshole! NOOOOooooAAAAAAAGH! AaaaaaaYYYYIIEEEEEEE!, She would scream! I had to keep a sense of proportion, and remember that she actually looked back on it all with affection now, but believe me, it's difficult to describe the feelings of horror yet strange masochistic arousal I got, from seeing my Mum sexually tortured on a porno film! The camera was switching between shots of her jerking and convulsing in mid-air, kicking her legs out helplessly as the thugs laughed and tormented her, and close-ups of her from the waist up, showing her face, her mouth grimacing in pain and her eyes wide in fear and agony. That Mum was gonna be involved sexually with Kabul and/or his he

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