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#153899 - I felt a finger slip around to my ass and put gentle pressure on my hole, I raise up a little and she said “higher” As I did she let go of my cock and pushed me up exposing my ass and spread my cheeks with her hands placing her tongue onto my bum hole she gentling started rimming me, Oh my fucking god I cried, as her tongue probed deeper I was in heaven, in out, up down, onto my balls and back down again, it was fantastic, she let my arse drop down again and went back to my cock. Now it was time to taste he clit, I wanted her to control where she got licked and sucked, I told he I wanted her to cum on may face I wanted her cunt juice all over me. I lay on my back and slid under her face, she bent forward and we kissed long and deep tongues thrashing each other’s mouths I reached up and took her tits in my hands and felt the weight of them, we stopped kissing and I slid further down her body, getting her tits level with my face and lick sucked and kissed them, pulling on her piercing

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Yuuto kidou
Mhhh so hot
Fikatsia latrova
Impressive with camera man woman hot hentai as always uncut version would be awesome looking forward to anal