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#101144 - It was not till 2 months of being good friends and me trying to go further that she comes out and says she is 16. Seeing tears run down her eyes I start laughing at her. Ken please don’t rape me” “Nice try Abby” picking up her diary “today I had sex with mike, I am so glad my mom was not home so we could be loud I doubt you are a virgin, at least not there maybe your ass is untouched” “No, I put that there to see if my mom was reading my diary” “Really so I guess there is only one way to find out” reaching down I tease her by touching her pussy lips through her thong” “Please don’t I promise I promise!” Laughing I stop, “you don’t want me to fuck you yet, that’s fine, but it will cost you a lot for it” “Anything just don’t rape me please” I walk to the door where I pull on the door showing her that we are locked inside the barn and only Jason can let us out.

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