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#26482 - The shiny head just looked so inviting, the vascularity, the thickness, the overall size was just amazing. I dare say he was quite bigger than my first and thicker too, I heard a laugh on the other side as the man came up to the hole, I stuck my tongue through the hole like a desperate slut hoping it would entice him, a felt his head being rubbed against my tongue and then he thrust his cock down my throat, the size sent me back but didn't stop me, I sucked his cock like a whore on a mission. You suck cock like a professional, how many times have you done this? He asked, I slurped up my saliva and took his cock out of my mouth this is my second time I replied and placed his cock straight back into my eager mouth, well you are definitely learning fast, this bathroom is predominately used by people looking to get sucked off so don't be scared to just stick your fingers in the hole as a signal he said in a whispered tone as I worked his dick.

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Aki yamato
Essa sabe da o cu
Shinobu sengoku
Love you
Tadaomi karasuma
Thank you
Honoka kousaka
Holy cow she labeled her own orgasm amazing hentai