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#363607 - I knew Chris was bi, but when another cock eased Shelia out and started to fuck my wanting ass, I was in bliss, now our orgies would take on a new twist, with guys fucking as well, my orgasm kept coming, as he pounded deeper than ever, I knew then it was Peter, his cock is the longest here tonight, he was making the most of my wet ass, fucking me long and hard, my orgasm seemed to stir him on, then he too added his man seed to my ass and slipped out. Chris and Sally stayed over, and Shelia slept with us, what a great start to introduce her to our orgy fun, she was to attend plenty more too, each better and bigger, with more guys keen to fuck her ass now. The night went well, by now we had all fucked every one, including Shelia who seemed to get most of thier cum, but at least the woman had been looked after, then whilst Chris was fucking Shelia's pussy, I moved behind and slide my cock up her ass, the look on some of the guys faces was priceless.

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