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#39681 - One of the things we have done in the past was bar hopping. I felt so horribly degraded and hoped no one would ever see, or find out then. This made it easy for him to take advantage of me, Of all the things John and I talked about before and after we were married what had happened to me was something so nasty and perverted I just could not bring myself to share with anyone, until many years after we were married! I was a pretty girl, blond blue eyed petite 5' 3” tall and in high school barely weighted 115 lbs, I had nice firm 34C size breasts with huge thick nipples, a 34” waist and a most adorable round 36” bottom! My pubes at that age were untouched in that I had never shaved my pubic mound or labia lips,as they were barely covered with thin blond young girls pubic hair! Back then I was focused on school and college, this had left little time for boys, most thought I had a boyfriend, someone older, or that I was so pretty that they would never have chance, so never even

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