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#160926 - Part 4 coming soon x. As we got to the rear of the shop I asked about the 50 dvds that were on display in a glass cabinet although I already knew why they were there, she explained without any embarrassment that the kino area was on 3 floors, the basement had individual cabins with a tv and chair in each and then she added that most in the rear also had holes for giving bjs, I pretended to be embarrassed and she just laughed, the middle floor had 4 group seats, 2 for about 20 people and 2 for about 6 people to stand which were kept dark. By 3 oclock after a long shower in which I had shaven my pussy bald and given myself 2 orgasms, I had already tried on 5 different outfits, 3 were just slutty 1 to nice the last was just right, it was a button down the front denim sleeveless skirt that showed off my breasts nicelyat the front and the sides, I had decided against underwear as I knew they would be coming off later anyway, and finished it of with some strappy sandals and painted all my n

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