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#378983 - Then, composing himself, he reached across with his stethoscope and calmly placed it against my chest, just above my heart and after a few seconds, said in a very serious voice, “Hmm. Words weren’t necessary! The bottle of Merlot, which was still on the window-ledge in the hall, did get drunk that night, but it wasn’t until about 10. This was all too much for me to contain; as I said, I hadn’t had sex in a long while and the sheer excitement of him in this situation already had me on the edge of cumming.

Read Jerk 黒ギャルまっまと気持ちいいこと - Original Ecuador 黒ギャルまっまと気持ちいいこと

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Umori hinako
Great game need to tell my girl friend to do this on me
My man stfu
Natsuki usami
I hope one day i will deliver you a pizza because i cum a lot here
Nazuna nito
Thank you so much