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#171719 - ”Hi” said Sean as they got level with each other,”what ya doin”he asked,”nothin” I replied, I was a bit shocked that the older kid had talked to me,”you going fishing”? As soon as I asked I felt stupid but Sean just laughed and said “you want to come”? I was delighted and agreed straight away,I had never been asked to hang out with an older kid before “im going fishing down by the lake”Sean said, as we strolled down the lane,”lake”?I said,I had no idea what was in the countryside around me,”ya,its about a mile down here,not many people fish it,its full of fish”we continued to chat as we ambled down the lane and across fields,soon we there and Sean set up with a float and a worm on the hook explaining what he was doing as he went along. The day was sweltering hot and as it approached noon Sean said”lets go for a swim””I've no swimming trunks”I replied but Sean laughed,”never skinny dipped before?” he said as he peeled off his t shirt,Sean was very fit and had a six pack,I was a bi

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Poh eu tava vendo elas ao vivo quando elas fizeram o video kkkkk