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#203289 - Evans,” the pretty little Japanese girl replied. Doris took a seat in the easy chair facing them, and after giving everyone a chance to get settled in she shocked the poor unsuspecting young girl when she asked casually, “So, dear, do you like fucking my son?” Amika’s mouth dropped open in total shock as she stammered, “I-I certainly don’t know what you’re talking about!” “You know, child,” Doris said evenly, “the thing that really makes me mad is when people lie to me. ” “Tommy has given me a thorough run down on all of your activities, so let’s cut the crap and get down to cases!” Looking desperately to Tommy for help, Amika nearly blanched when she realized what Doris Evans had said was true!” Tommy really had told her everything! She was jolted back to reality when Doris’ voice cracked like the sound of a gun shot! “Don’t sit there like a bump on a log, answer me!!!” “Uh, I’m sorry,” she replied softly, “yes, I love having sex with Tommy.

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