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First CATCH YOU - A channel Gay Brokenboys

(サンクリ53) [ARCHF (利木)] CATCH YOU (Aチャンネル)


Parodies: A channel (8)
Characters: Yuuko nishi (8)
Languages: Japanese
Categories: Doujinshi
18 pages - Uploaded
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#72329 - what would you do if eveyrthing you thought you knew about your life turned out to be a lie if the people you love the world you love shatterd like a mirror in front of you what would you do watch it burn fight it or let it consume you just be carefull who you become on the way even if it takes getting your ass kicked or worse loosing some one you love or doing anything for them and loosing your self on the way but either way thoughs are the moments that define us that shape us it doesnt matter if it takes 6 minutes or 6 seconds because in the end we have to live with the decisions we make but im gettting ahead of myself my name is jake hale im 19 and i live in new york with my 12 year old kid sister amy its just us now ever since our parents died in a car crash 2 years ago soon after i realised i had to get a job so i did at a resturant waiting tables serving at the bar anything to get money i guess but today was just another boring ass day in college trying not to fall asleep.

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