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#107494 - The look at Stacey's face told Jessica she was about to cum and sure enough Stacey was in the throws of a powerful orgasm that was Jessica's cue to give the spit one hard thrust witch pushed the spit though Stacey and out of her mouth, it was a flawless spitting, she thought so anyway, but would Spitenmier?. The next morning Jessica and Stacey entered classroom #659 as they had every day over the passed 6 months, Welcome class I have good news for you today he said with a gleam in his eye, We have entered the potion of the class where we will learn the proper spitting technique to spit and roast a whole spit muffin weather she be alive, witch is best, or previously slaughtered, lets begin He said while a man walked into the room with a young girl on a leash similar to the spit muffins the guys had brought as there practice muffins. After a short while they could hear the sound of a horn blowing in the distance, it was the call for all spit masters in training to g

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Kanade ooe
Tell that bitch to wash her ass
Momoko suou
Mistress liana you have a kind heart still i would be reluctant to push you a few hours and you would be more receptive