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#311814 - Then I got kinky, laying her bum up, I put the 18 inch dildo in her butt, then stood over her, slipping the other end in my arse, and began to fuck us both, fingering her pussy as I did, we both had some good orgasm this way. I then told her to slip the dildo in too, she did, only it was the big one, it took some pushing, but inch by inch she got it a fair way in me, each time she pushed, another orgasm hit home, Pauline held the dildo, and worked both in and out, the feeling were so good, I had a lot of orgasms before she eased her fist out. I told her, we would play in the afternoon, with Sue and the kids again, then have a group fuck in the evening, then maybe see if any thing else is availably for later in the week.

Read Bus Gakkou no InChara Joshi 4 - Original Mommy Gakkou no InChara Joshi 4

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