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#97737 - Vickers and replied excitedly, “Will my roomie be someone with the same problem as me, I mean does he have a large penis just like me!?!” “Why don’t you see for yourself,” Mr. Vickers stepped quietly into the room, and with very pleased look on his face, watched Brian take Will’s hot load deep inside of his asshole while shooting his own load high on his belly an chest!!! Will collapsed on top of Brian with his pecker still planted deep in his ass, and as the two of them nuzzled together in their post orgasmic glow, the head master pulled out his own cock and jerked himself to a hard quick climax, happy in the fact the two boys seemed to be hitting it off so well so soon!!! By the time he had put his dick back into his pants, the two boys were fast asleep in each others arms while their huge penises lay pressed softly together in a manner that would be the norm for the rest of the term!!! Jordan Vickers let himself out of the room and headed back to his office satisfied that both b

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