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#16582 - Hi there my name is Chris, I'm a happily married 28 year old man, with my loving partner Amy and our beautiful 9 year old daughter Samantha, we live a nice and quiet live my job is a photographer and media editor, I thought I new everything about my wife but as I'm going to tell you I did not know everything. After that ordeal with work I thought that I would come home early as the site of my family would bring me happiness, just the site of seeing my wife and my daughters 9 year old innocent smile would turn me frown upside down, sorry for the cheesy lingo that's what being a daddy does to you, on my way home I stopped off at the ice cream shop to buy some ice cream for my little princess, and well for me as I haven't had ice cream in years, as I drove up to my house I was a little surprised that none of Amy's friends were over because I could off swore that she said it was today, oh well doesn't really matter, as I open my front door I noticed a bunc

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