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#157927 - ' Stranger: *tugs a little harder, moving my hips so that the head of my cock is almost entering you* You: *slides onto your cock and moans* 'God, dad' Stranger: 'Oh that's it baby, that's it' You: *grinds harder and moans louder* Stranger: *I start sucking your nipples, moving my hands to grip your arse* You: 'Oh dad! I want this to last forever! Fuck me dad, fuck your daughter!' Stranger: *I roll us over, lifting your legs and pushing in deep, fucking you hard and fast* You: 'Daaaaaaaaaaddy!' *continues to moan* Stranger: 'Ashley, you are so fucking sexy!' *fucks faster* You: *moans even louder* Stranger: *takes cock out pussy and pushes it up arse* You: 'DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAADDDY!!!!!' Stranger: *rams arse rapidly* 'Baby, I'm gonna cum!' You: 'Cum in me daddy!' Stranger: 'I will tell you this now Ashley. ' *sits on the couch, looking

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