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#180156 - So dad can we stay for dinner? John asked, Jenna gave a little look of disgust at the whole idea of eating Jessica but was still secretly excited about the whole thing, Well it's up to Steve, it is his house and food Ted said and gave a little shudder as he realized he used the word food to describe Jessica who was still alive twitching on the pole as Susan applied the barbeque sauce, Ted I already invited you and your family, remember? Steve said looking at Ted and the others, WOW! thanks John said moving toward Jessica's head and looking into her eye's, Why is she crying? Jenna asked, She is in a great deal of pain at the moment, a spitting is done with no drugs to ease pain since they taint the meat, she will be in a great deal more when she goes over the fire Steve replied. When that was done he went over to the large redwood picnic table in the center of the backyard and picked up a long gleaming silver spit and began to polish it and coat it with gr

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