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#273066 - As you are sitting there your thoughts are all over the place thinking of all types of erotic things happening to you , sitting there with your eyes closed deep in thought and stroking your now very wet pussy not aware of any sounds around you as you softly moan from the excitement that is coming from you, you are unaware that you left the back gate to the garden unlocked and also unaware that you have been stared at all the time sitting there with the legs spread wide over the arms of the chairs the light from your laptop screen showing your pussy and the wetness running from it when all of a sudden you feel something touch your legs this time you know that it is not the wind, you are too scared to look you think that it must be a cat that has come in but you didn’t feel any fir, you freeze in the chair and dare not move its pitch black outside you can’t see anything then all of a sudden you feel it again this time nearer to your knees you start to feel a little scared but still ver

Read Storyline Rakuen no Omochabako 2-jikanme - Original Short Rakuen no Omochabako 2-jikanme

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