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#101821 - The two dog demons keep switching places raping her mouth, pussy and ass and cuming deep in all three of her holes, Merik looks at Rikimarue and says Do you still think she's faking? , Rikimarue says Yes I do, all female Taimanin are trained to resist, I know this because I've trained many female Taimanin myself . Openining a portal and entering the pocket dimension Merik notices that all of Ou - Chans sperm that covered the ground is gone, Rikimarue opens another portal and summons 2 dog demons. Rikimarue looks at Ayame, smiles and then says She was captured by three Orcs who gangraped and impregnated her and she gave birth to an Orc, and before Ou - Chan broke her this whore actually believed that she could raise her Orc Son and he wouldn't try to rape and impregnate, is that not the most retarded thing you've ever heard? .

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