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#231440 - Merik uses his dark energy to disolve the locks and chains holding the two big pieces of wood together, then he disolves the two pieces of wood, the two metal pillars supporting the wood and the stool and Ayame collapses on the ground. Rikimarue feeds Ayame three times a day everyday, he taunts her everyday by asking her questions like if the horse demon impregnates you would your baby be a demon Centaur? Ou - Chan is a giant monster, if he impregnates you could you even survive giving birth to his child? She ignores his taunts by focusing on the multiple scenarios that play in her head. Bolting the stool to the ground so Ayame can't knock it down Rikimarue moves in front of Ayame, smiles and says I've seen horse demons before so believe me when I tell you that this is really going to hurt .

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Chrono harlaown
Amazing job on the breast physics during the tit job
I love this couple