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#118504 - In a matter of seconds I got her on her knees while I stood Infront of her i looked down on her one more time and smilled before I rammed as much of my 11 inches down her troath , she could only take 5 inches but she was a small girl and I would train her later to take everything down with ease Tears started to roll down her cheeks but I didn't care I was finally getting my revenge of all those years she had been teasing me she was mine now and she could see in my eyes that I wasn't done with her. Soon we where watching TV like a normal the only difference is that my sister is naked and pumped full of my seed like a common slut When we decided to go to sleep and walked upstairs I was looking right at her pussy and grew immediately hard I decided to take her one more  time right there on the stairs it was a rough and quick session but she loved it . I layed in bed Lisa laying on my chest I was already planning the future of how I would make as much use of my sister as I could.

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