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#331411 - . My daughter looked up at me with cum dribbiling all over her chin, she looked between my legs covered in her own vomit it was all white she must of thrown up the cum she swallowed this morning she spent a lot of time staring between my legs on the way back to school as I pulled up to drop her back at school I felt her tounge slide up and down my thighs licking up my upcharted cum then leaving while giving me a cheeky smile. Once my orgasm came to a conclusion I went down to Emma’s height asking if she is alright she pretty much just tasted her own blood she just smile at me and gave me another deep kiss I could taste my cum and her blood on her breath as she breathed into me she told me how I was the best daddy ever for letting her taste her own blood on my cock.

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Caren ortensia
She got real moist
Love this beauty