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#316369 - We chatted for another 20 minutes then i said i better be getting back just in case jean has returned so we both walked back to the the barn as we did Patsy´s hand went up and touched the hole in the wall i had been looking through and walked on to the door which was now open. I put 2 slices of bread into the toaster then turned my attention to her coffee wow she said so i turned to look at her, i had the strangest dream last night it was a nice dream but boy was it strange a smile came to my face and i left it at that. I need a pee after all that drinking so i tell Jean i am just going for a pee will be right back.

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Sae kobayakawa
May the 4th was not on a monday dislike for inaccuracies
Shut the fuck up please shut the fuck up this joke was funny at first but now it s just really fucking annoying stop crying for attention