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#252506 - I wake wake up julie is still sleeping I get up slowly not to wake her I know she'll be up in a little I'm in a music mood so I grab my iPod and pick get low by lil Jon  I'm hungry and no ones home so I start making a big pot of ramen (a teens favorite food)  I put 2 eggs in I'm jamen to the song  I finished making the ramen and move it to another burner on the stove I turn around to get a bowl I get startled instead JULIE!! you scared the shit outta me shwooo hahahahaha your so cute when you think your alone I'm blushing a little I never like singing in front of anyone I get real shy h how long were you there  since you cracked egg damn what you got some voice there and I've never herd it's nothing to be afraid of you're really good really really good now I'm going to clam up thanks haha no no no no don't do that haha sing for me please okay I put on believe me by fort minor I know all

Read Teen Hardcore KEEP A POKER FACE!!! - Fate hollow ataraxia Job KEEP A POKER FACE!!!

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Cure felice
Super babe
Great hentai as always riley is amazing always fun to watch
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